Important Announcement for BTCG Etherflyer Users: (11/21/2019) As you know we are migrating to a new contract so today we want to inform that you must withdraw the old BTCG token from etherflyer exchange to your prefered wallet. After that and only from this wallet you should send a small gas fee to the below address, (the official address, published in our website ). Instantly, you will be receiving the new BTCGW tokens. Address: 0x0cD35896Ee94AE7C3d322A9709Af5af543B69e18 Amount: 0.001 ETH "THANKS FOR SUPPORTING US IN THIS NEW PHASE" Remember, you have until 11/27 to withdraw BTCG token from etherflyer due that date will be delisted, otherwise it will be lost forever. Greetings , Bitcoin Galaxy Warp TEAM